JYU OK? A Workshop on Mental Wellbeing

Do you feel the weight of stress and anxiety while navigating life as an international student? Are you feeling lonely and isolated? Do you want to get practical tools to improve your mental wellbeing while meeting other international students?

Join the JYU OK? -workshop that includes the Student Compass online wellbeing-program!

The Student Compass program, which is part of the Student Life’s wellbeing support, offers a mental wellbeing workshop for students to address these matters - amongst many others.


For whom? 

JYU OK? -workshop will be held in English and is intended primarily for JYU's International Master's degree students who are interested in working with their self-growth in an international group setting. The workshop, as well as the online program, are free of charge for JYU students.


The main aim of the workshop is to promote students’ general wellbeing and quality of life by offering the opportunity to discuss issues such as:

  • value-guided life,
  • time-management and routine,
  • managing difficult thoughts and feelings,
  • present-moment awareness,
  • cultivating self-compassion and
  • other themes of your choosing.

In the first group meeting, the needs and wishes of the participants will be discussed and will be taken into consideration for the content of the following meetings.

The workshop is based on the principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, an evidence-based approach that utilizes value, acceptance and mindfulness processes to enhance flexibility and resilience in coping with life challenges. The workshop will be a great opportunity to explore and practice several psychological, emotional and interpersonal skills, which may be useful not only for personal growth but also in building social relationships and engaging in studies and work in more meaningful ways.

Contents of the workshop

The workshop consists of five group meetings with two coaches and max 6-8 group members as well as independent practice in the Student Compass online program.

Group meetings are 1.5-2 hours long. The sessions include informal discussions (in pairs/smaller groups and with the whole group), interactive exercises, educational videos and other material. Each participant will also have the opportunity to work on their own personal goals in between sessions through ‘homework’ and material given in the group session. On average, you should set aside about an hour per week for personal practice in addition to the meeting.

How to participate

You are welcome to join if:

  • You are an International Master’s degree student in the University of Jyväskylä. If there is space, we take in exchange students.
  • You are committed to participate in all five group sessions during March-April 2024

Register online by 26.2.2024 Sign up easily by filling in the online form



ScheduleWorkshop will take place at the university of Jyväskylä’s campus. 

Week 1: Thu 7.3.2024 at 17-19, location: Agora C134.1

Week 2: Wed 13.3.2024 at 17-18.30, location:  Agora C134.1

Week 3: Thu 21.3.2024 at 17-18.30, location:  Agora C134.1

Easter break (week 13): independent work in the Student Compass online program

Week 4: Thu 4.4.2024 at 17-18.30, location:  Agora C134.1

Week 5: Thu 11.4.2024 at 17-19, location:  Agora C134.1

When and how will I be informed about the admission to the group?  You will be contacted by email no later than 27.2.2024

Trainers and wellbeing coaches

Your wellbeing coaches will be trained psychology Master’s degree students Jutta Hintikainen and Laura Rintelä. Our coaches have received training and supervision from Student Life’s wellbeing expert Panajiota Räsänen. In addition, Student Life’s wellbeing expert Hanna Ahola has offered some brief training to our coaches.

Contact us

For any general requests and comments, please contact us via email: jyuok.wellbeing@gmail.com

Student Compass’ operations leader: Panajiota Räsänen, project researcher, Student Life’s study wellbeing services, panajiota.rasanen@jyu.fi or 040 805 4518